Uncle Sam's Secret Sauce
Uncle Sam's Secret Sauce

Episode · 2 weeks ago

Effective Communications, PR, and Fundraising with Maylen Montoto


Maylen Montoto, President & CEO at Maylen Montoto & Associates, joins Rafael to share her expertise in communications, PR, and fundraising in the nonprofit sector.

Maylen Montoto & Associates is a comprehensive communications agency that develops turn-key marketing solutions and designs and executes strategic and effective communications programs for clients.In this episode, Maylen shares:

  • Her origin story and how she started her agency
  • Why serving her clients is her number one priority and the secret sauce for her success
  • The importance of maintaining professionalism in all client situations
  • How being willing to learn from her clients and others in the industry has helped her find success

Uncle Sam’s Secret Sauce is hosted by Rafael Marrero, Founder and CEO of Rafael Marrero & Company, which helps small companies do business with the world’s biggest customer: the U.S. Federal Government.

You're listening to Uncle Sam's secret sauce, a Raphael Morrero and company podcast. This is a show for US small business owners and decision makers looking to grow their business. You're about to hear a conversation with successful entrepreneurs in the fields of construction, janitorial, cybersecurity and more. Here you'll learn how to sell to the government and what the secret ingredients are for effective marketing for small businesses. Let's get into the show. My Len Montto, welcome to Uncle Sam's secret sauce. Well, thank you for having me here. It is truly an honor for you to consider me to be in the Uncle Sam secret sauce podcast. Well, the pleasure is hours actually, and for those of you joining us today. My Len Montoto is the founder of my Len Montoto and associates. What exactly does your firm deliver? My lean, my len MONTOTO and associates is a comprehensive agency. Basically, the services that we provide our clients are public relations, special events, social media and anything related to promoting and enhancing a company or organization. So you have a very extensive background in the industry. It's when you were choosing the name I recall it. We had a very interesting conversation. Most people, especially in Florida and in south Florida particularly, know the name my Len Montoto. If you google the name my Len Montoto, you will see that she is everywhere right. She is in the US who of events and public relations efforts and working with many, many prestigious organizations. So when she launched her consultancy last year, which is growing and becoming a household name rapidly because she's associated with high impact special events and she's put together. For example, she worked with wine forty one as...

...a client to help launch the first ever sparkling wine festival special event in south Florida, which was a packed event and all day long wine tasting and pairing experience from her client wine forty one. So she's done public relations for the healthcare sector for multiple clients. Who are some of the companies and names that you've worked with? My link on public relations projects well, I have served as Public Relations Vice President and director for many well known organizations here in so Florida, especially on the health care sector, so chas Catholic hospice. I have been very extensive background in hospital care. I was a director for the Jackson Health Foundation for a couple of years. So I have been associated with many companies, many high profile companies that have provided service and I can say, being humble about it, that I have an excellent apputation in the community, especially on the healthcare industry. However, my liment toto an associates right now has expanded the scope of service. So I do have, like you mentioned, one for the one which is entirely in a different direction, that a hospice or hospital, and I have other clients on the retail and service and currently one of my biggest clients is united home care in the healthcare industry. But I am providing services for special events, very large special events, internal and external. They are a nonprofit, which I am also certified as a nonprofit or fundraiser in this state. Very good. So there are many digital agencies out there, but your firm, you are a true public relations, communications and marketing firm and you have extensive experience and I've seen the high quality of the events that you put together. Very, very good organizational skills.

You pay a lot of attention to detail. How they say the devils in the details, right, and my Len Mon toto an associates gives you that level of personalized concerge experience. You get like big agency attention. You get big agency quality at Boutique pricing and personalized attention. So you combine the best of both worlds my leg and that's significant. So let's talk a little bit about my lendon total and associates. And so you launched the company and now what are some of the next steps that you're doing right now? I launched the company last year, like many people did, a change of life. Many of us, after twenty, had to adapt to the situation and had to change the way we did business. The first thing that I want to tell you about my lemon toto an associates, which is obviously you know my name and my company and my reputation, is that I absolutely love what I do and I think people need to have that into consideration. They need to really love what they do so they can do it well. And when I launched my company, I think little by little, and I have much to thank you for that, because you made me a clear path that I needed to follow when I came to you for advice when putting my company together. Is started slowly, but be sure of where you're going, and that's exactly what I have done. It's gonna be almost a year now. Actually. I got my first client in August of last year and I have taken steps to make sure that I have a goal set. Right now, I have four clients. I have a large client and some smaller clients, but, you know what, I take care of them in the same way because they are very important and my goal this year is to enhance and improve the way I do business by enhancing my knowledge and technology, by enhancing my clients...

...technology and position in the market that they're in. So I have set goals for myself, but also for my clients, because I think if it's important for me to grow my business, I need to make sure, and this is my secret sauce, and I'm getting ahead of myself, clients service, customer service, is key for me, and my clients can tell you this. Every time a client call, if I'm not available at that time, I make sure to reply to them with the text or just a brief phone call to let them know right now I can't help you, but I promise you I will get back to you in a few minutes, and I think that is is going very well for my business. So number one for me moving forward keep the same level of client service that I am providing right now and make it even better. I need to educate myself constantly on what's going on in the market because if I don't, I cannot provide my clients exactly what they need. So things are changing very fast in the world right now with everything that is going on. So for me, key from now to the end of the year is keep learning enhanced knowledge, especially on technology, and keep providing customer service. That's great. When I think of my Len Montt Associates, I think of key areas that are significantly important. I'm talking about, for example, community outreach and engagement, is an area that you excel it, okay, in addition to that, event development and management, special events fundraising, okay, and media planning and public relations. So these are if you have an agency out there and you're trying to do an outreach...

...to the Hispanic community, you should seriously consider working with my associates, because she becomes your cultural ambassador. She knows everyone that works in the media, both in print, electronics or radio and television. Has Very, very extensive relationships with news anchors and news departments. If you want to position your firm professionally, get the right people to interview you on radio or television and develop the public relations component, which is not paid advertising. It's PR PR is very, very important and is often overlooked by people because they are thinking just about influencers and having an instagram account and they think that that's all that's involved. Here we're looking at a professional who understands communications. She understands what it is to position someone in an organization or a cause. She knows how to raise funds, she knows how to create events that are successful. Don't how to put you in front of the right audience and put together a great event to make you shine. That's why we have her here today because I've seen this, I've seen her participating, I've seen her organizing events, and her events are barn one the best. I've seen great, great, great special events, dinners, wine tastings, events at hotel venues. So if you're looking to put together a commercial delegation or to do a trade mission in another country or to have an agency liaison to interface with Latin American nations, my Len Montoto an associates Hispanic woman owned small business, is your go to. This is the agency of choice that you should consider. Given her experience, my len, tell us about some of the campaigns that you've done on the media side for some of the causes. I know that you've raised money for cancer, you've done women's events and you've spent many many people, including Romero Burrito and many celebrities. Tell us about some of the most significant public relations campaigns that you've been involved in. Thank you, first of all, Raphah,...

...for the words that you just said and the trust that you have putting me. I mean, I am humble, but thank you. And yes, I have worked most of my adult life for causes. So my number one, as you know, is cancer due to the nature of my family and the situation with my mom, the battle, if I would cancer, before she lost her five and she was for twenty six years she was a cancer patient. But I have worked and I have successfully done work with Amigos for kids, which is a very well known organization here, the Magic Waste Foundation with a really good friend, Rudy, that is for your foster kids, my work with the Jackson Health Foundation in particular, I was that director that I was in charge of the whole Children Hospital, I had Roberta Lynn Cancer Center and I was also the fundraiser for the Raid Center in Miami Dade County. Those were the three service lines that I served while I was the director at Jackson Health Foundation. In addition, as you know, hospice is something that I hold very dear to me. It's a program that not many people, especially in the Hispanic market, understand the concept of hospice and I devoted twenty years of my life, although I'm very young, twenty years of my life to help and develop successful campaigns and successful fund raising campaigns for hospice providers. So I can say that I took the time to learn in healthcare about different scenarios, whether it be cancer or children's care or hospice, and I can bring a scope of knowledge that will enhance any public relations or for...

...racing campaign. I recently added. You mentioned wine, for the one, the wine tours, their cultural wine tours to Europe, to central and South America where wine makers produce, and it's another step that I have included in my knowledge recently, but I've been doing it since twenty seventeen. Very good. So you have trade missions, cultural promotions and tourism. So if you're looking to put together a trade mission to do work in another country, to organize the events, to organize the tours and to handle those public relations in Spanish Speaking Countries, my Lime Mon Toto and associates is the go to firm for this. Again, I can't emphasize enough how good she is with fundraising, special events, event development and management and basically positioning your brand or service or agency and launching and conducting activations. Barn on the best when it comes to planning and execution and putting it out there so that people know about your programs, your ongoing agency initiatives, cultural campaigns and diversity campaigns. If you're looking to involve different market segments and communicate in different languages, my land has a great team of translators and people that do graphic content and provide brochures and content for those trade missions. She has a team to put it together. So, my land, what is your website, telephone number and how can people reach you? Well, my website is www my land, as my name is M A Y L E N Montoto, as my last name M o NTIO TIO DOT com. So my len MONTOTO DOT com and then over way they reach me is seven, six to three, a tow to seven...

...at any time. They can reach me at that number. Okay, Great. And before we part ways, can you share with us, because you've been very, very blessed and putting together very successful events, high impact and high quality events. Are Very impressed with what I saw, what spark of forty one and other fundraisers and dinners that you put together that are benefits for causes. What is my Lenn total secret sauce? Can you give us three elements? Yes, as I mentioned before, service service is number one. For me, customer service is key, is essential. My clients come first and if they hire me to provide a service, and then I need to be available every time they need me and I need to have always the best interest in mind. So customer service is key. I need to be a professional and I use my professional life and I s affect my clients to dream me the same way. So customer service as a priority. Professionalism is next and also learned. I need to learn from my clients. I need to be open. So for me, that's my secret sauce. That's what makes my company better. I need to be open. I need to be professional, I need to provide essential customer service, but I'm also need to be willing and open to learn from my clients and from others in the industry. Folks, there you have it, from my lemb Mon Toto, the Successful Public Relations Practitioner, Special Events Coordinator, expert fundraiser and your cultural ambassador for trade, missions and special events among agencies and with the Hispanic community. Professionalism, customer service and constant training and education to stay at the top of your game. My link has been a great conversation and a very and I mean I can't believe how quick time is flown. I appreciate your time and I...

...really really appreciate the fact that you are putting real world knowledge into the hands of our listeners. These are real world experiences from my true professional again, my lemon toto, with my Lenmun Toto and associates. You can visit our website, my len MONTOTO DOT com. If you're looking for an expert public relations, Media Management and Special Events Company, my lemon toto is your choice, my lane. Thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you so much, Traffi, for having me. It has been an honor and a pleasure to be here with you. Okay, folks, until next time. This is Raphael Marero, based in Miami, Florida. Rafael Marrero in company is a management consultancy founded in two thousand eight by Dr Rafael Marrero. The firm helps other veteran owned, minority, women and small businesses break into the federal marketplace and do business with the world's richest and most powerful client, the US federal government. To learn more, visit Raphael Marrero Dot Com. You've been listening to Uncle Sam's secret sauce, a Raphael Morrero and company podcast. Keep connected with us by subscribing to the show in your favorite podcast player and giving us a rating. That helps us to keep delivering the latest in business growth strategies and, ultimately, learn what Uncle Sam's secret ingredients are. Thanks for listening. Until next time.

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